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This page lists current BYU-affiliated doctoral students and PhD graduates who have or who have had significant ties to BYU.

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Name Current Institution Status Ph.D. - Granting Institution Graduation Date Sub-discipline Field Areas Methodologies/Techniques
Talmage, James E. (1862–1933) University of Utah Former Emeritus Illinois Wesleyan University 1896 Geology Utah Chemistry, Stratigraphy
Hintze, Ferdinand F. Jr. (1881-1973) University of Utah Former Emeritus Columbia University 191? Stratigraphy Utah Method1, Method2
Talmage, Sterling B. (1889-1956) [New Mexico School of Mines]] Former Emeritus Harvard University 1925 Economic Geology Utah? Method1, Method2
Hintze, Lehi F. (1921-2014) BYU Former Emeritus Columbia University 1951 Stratigraphy Utah Geological Mapping, Paleontology, Stratigraphy
Best, Myron BYU Emeritus PhDUniversity 195? SubDiscipline FieldArea Method1, Method2
Miller, Wade E. BYU Emeritus UC Berkeley 195? Paleontology FieldArea Method1, Method2
Gardner, Wilford (1925-2011) UC Berkeley Former Emeritus Iowa State University 195? Soil Physics FieldArea Method1, Method2
Condie, Kent C. New Mexico Tech Professor UC San Diego 1965 Plate Tectonics FieldArea Continental Evolution, Zirconology, Precambrian Geology
Lewis, John S. University of Arizona Emeritus UC San Diego 1968 Cosmochemistry Space Space Resources, Geochemistry, Planetary Geology
Hoggan, Roger BYU-Idaho Emeritus Brigham Young University 1971 SubDiscipline FieldArea Method1, Method2
Nixon, R Paul BYU Emeritus Brigham Young University 1972 Petroleum Geology FieldArea Method1, Method2
Griffen, Dana T BYU Emeritus Virginia Tech 1975 SubDiscipline FieldArea Method1, Method2
Embree, Glenn BYU-Idaho Emeritus University of Idaho 1976 Structural Geology Wyoming, Utah Structural Geology, Physical volcanology?
Hansen, Steven C. BYU-Idaho Emeritus University of Idaho 1977 SubDiscipline FieldArea Method1, Method2
Larsen, Norbert W. (1935-2015) Reedley College Former Faculty / Consultant Brigham Young University 197? Geotechnical Utah, California
Christiansen, Eric H. BYU Professor Arizona State University 1981 Volcanology Great Basin Isotope geochemistry, Geologic mapping, Physical volcanology, Igneous volcanology
Kowallis, Bart J. BYU Professor, Associate Dean University of Wisconsin-Madison 1981 Thermochronology Utah Geochronology, Structural Geology, Geologic Mapping
Morris, Thomas H. BYU Professor University of Wisconsin-Madison 1986 Clastic Sedimentology/Stratigraphy Colorado Plateau Sedimentology, Petroleum Geology
Ritter, Scott BYU Professor University of Wisconsin-Madison 1986 Invertebrate Paleontology Utah Carbonate Petrology, Conodonts
McBride, John H. BYU Professor Cornell University 1987 Geophysics Europe, USA Seismic reflection, Carbon sequestration, Ground-penetrating radar
Dorais, Michael BYU Professor University of Georgia 1987 Igneous Petrology FieldArea Method1, Method2
Harris, Ron A. BYU Professor University College London 1989 Tectonics Indonesia, Alaska Structural Geology, Geochemistry, Geological Mapping, Natural Hazard Mitigation
Nelson, Stephen T. BYU Professor UCLA 1991 Isotope Geochemistry FieldArea Method1, Method2
Clayton, Robert BYU-Idaho Professor University of Southern California 1991 Structural Geology Western US geologic mapping, cross-sections, well logs, seismic data, 3-D geological models
Mabey, Matthew A BYU Brigham Young University 1992 Engineering GeologyEarthquakes FieldArea Method1, Method2
Britt, Brooks B. BYU Associate Professor University of Calgary 1993 Paleontologist FieldArea Method1, Method2
Little, William W. BYU-Idaho Professor University of Colorado Boulder 1995 Stratigraphy, Sedimentology Cordilleran foreland Sequence stratigraphy, Fluvial geomorphology
Moore, Dan K. BYU-Idaho Professor Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 1997 Experimental geochemistry FieldArea Diffusion in rutile, Geological mapping, Experimental petrology
Roselle, Greg BYU-Idaho Professor University of Wisconsin-Madison 1997 SubDiscipline FieldArea Method1, Method2
Bickmore, Barry BYU Professor Virginia Tech 1999 Mineral Surface Chemistry FieldArea Method1, Method2
McQuarrie, Nadine University of Pittsburgh Faculty University of Arizona 2001 Tectonics South America, SE Asia, Himalaya Structural Geology, Mapping, Modeling
Jordan, Benjamin R. BYU-Hawaii Associate Professor University of Rhode Island 2004 Oceanography Arabian Peninsula, Central America, Hawaii Geochemistry, Volcanology, Remote Sensing
Gahn, Forest J. BYU-Idaho Professor University of Michigan, Ann Arbor 2004 Paleobiology Barrier Reef? Evolutionary paleoecology, Echinoderms, Crinoids, Predator-prey & parasite-host interactions, Taphonomy
Radebaugh, Jani BYU Associate Professor University of Arizona 2005 Planetary Science Titan, Antarctica, Sahara Analogue Modeling, Remote Sensing
Rupper, Summer University of Utah Associate Professor University of Washington 2007 Paleoclimatology Himalayas, Antarctica Remote Sensing, Modeling, Core Analysis
Willis, Julie B. BYU-Idaho Professor, Chairman University of Utah 2008 Tectonics FieldArea tectonic geomorphology, numerical modeling, geologic hazards
Hudson, Sam BYU Assistant Professor University of Utah 2008 Sedimentology FieldArea Stratigraphy, Method2
Nelson, Wendy University of Houston Faculty Penn State 2009 Igneous Petrology Sierra Nevada, East Africa Radiogenic Isotopes
Carling, Gregory T. BYU Assistant Professor University of Utah 2012 Hydrogeology, Hydrogeochemistry FieldArea Method1, Method2
Hann, Nichelle Wichita State University Lecturer University of Florida 2012 Igneous Petrology, Science Education Mineralogy,Geochemistry, Volcanology
Pickard, Megan BYU Idaho Faculty Penn State 2013 Igneous Petrology Hawaii, Turkey Radiogenic Isotopes
Gunderson, Kellen Chevron Research Geologist Lehigh University 2013 Tectonics Italy Structural Geology, Astronomical Tuning, Geomorphology
Laycock, Dallin University of Calgary 2013 Petroleum Geology Canada
Spencer, Christopher Curtin University Research Fellow University of St Andrews 2014 Tectonics North America, Himalaya, Africa, Eurasia Geochronology, Radiogenic Isotopes, Mass Spectrometry
Phillips Lander, Charity University of Oklahoma Research Scientist [[University of Oklahoma] 2014 GeobiologyStructural Geology GeochemistryRaman
Tomlin, Teagan University of Calgary 2014 Climate Science Canada Science Communication
Moody, Jeremiah D. Chevron Earth Scientist Colorado School of Mines 2014 Sedimentology Spain Sedimentology, Stratigraphy, Petroleum geology
Harper, Brandon ConocoPhillips Geologist Rice University 2014 Sedimentology Australia, Papua New Guinea Sedimentology, Stratigraphy, Geochemistry
Quick, Annika Boise State University PhD Candidate Boise State University 2015 (exp) Biogeochemistry Switzerland Hydrology, Biogeochemistry, Glaciology
Haddad, Emily UC Riverside PhD Candidate UC Riverside 2015 (exp) Paleobiology New York, Western US Organic geochemistry, Evolutionary Paleoecology, Sedimentology
Lovell, Mark D. BYU-Idaho Professor, Associate Dean University of Idaho, Idaho Falls 2016 (exp)? Hydrology Paraguay, Idaho Nitrate contaminants, Environmental Geology
Bradshaw, Richard Oregon State University PhD Candidate Oregon State University 2016 (exp) Volcanology Igneous Petrology, Geochemistry, Stable isotopes
Krumenacker, LJ University of Montana PhD Candidate University of Montana 2016 (exp) Vertebrate Paleontology Idaho, Utah Taphonomy
Hoiland, Carl Stanford University PhD Candidate Stanford University 2017 (exp) Tectonics Basin and Range, Circum-Arctic Thermochronology, Geochronology, Thermobarometry, Structural Geology
Burgener, Landon University of Washington PhD Candidate University of Washington 2017 (exp) Climate Science Antarctica, Andes Clumped Isotopes, Carbonate Petrology
Major, Jon UT Austin PhD Candidate UT Austin 2017 (exp) Rock Mechanics Basin and Range Structural Geology, Petroleum Geology
Daly, Terik Brown University PhD Candidate Brown University 2017 (exp) Planetary Geology Moon Hypervelocity Impact Experiments, Geochemistry, Modeling
Boles, Austin University of Michigan PhD Candidate University of Michigan 2017 (exp) Structural Geology New Zealand Structural Geology, Thermochronology, Stable isotopes
Thomson, Tracy UC Davis PhD Student UC Davis 2018 (exp) Vertebrate Paleontology Utah, N. America Ichnology, Paleontology, Paleoecology
Meirovitz, Casey University of Utah PhD Student University of Utah 2018 (exp) Hydrology Patagonia, Utah Modeling, Geostatistics, Ground-penetrating radar
Edwards, Joel UC Santa Cruz PhD Student UC Santa Cruz 2018 (exp) Geophysics Florida, Central America 3D Seismic, Modelling, Structural Geology
Schleiffarth, Kirk Northern Arizona University PhD Student Northern Arizona University 2018 (exp) Volcanology New Mexico, Yellowstone Igneous Petrology, Geochemistry, Radiogenic Isotopes
Liu, Zac Yung-Chun Arizona State University PhD Student Arizona State University 2018 (exp) Planetary Geology Titan, Mars Geomorphology, Remote Sensing
Smith, Ryan Stanford University PhD Student Stanford University 2019 (exp) Geophysics ? Geophysics, Remote Sensing
Flores, Josh University of Houston PhD Student University of Houston 2020 (exp) Geophysics ? Geophysics, Modelling
Pittsenbarger, Brayden University of Chicago PhD Student University of Chicago 2020 (exp) Paleontology North America Paleontology, Paleogeography, Sedimentology
Maurer, Josh Columbia University PhD Student Columbia University 2020 (exp) Geochemistry
Dailey, Shane Texas Tech University PhD Student Texas Tech University 2022 (exp) Igneous Petrology North America Geochemistry, Igneous thermobarometry
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